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Mission Statement

Bell County Alternative School
Mission Statement

Bell County Alternative School is an alternative educational setting for students who have experienced difficulty in a more traditional learning environment. Whether due to disciplinary assignment or academic choice, students will be required to learn those academic and social skills necessary to be responsible, productive citizens.

At Bell County Alternative School, WE BELIEVE…

  • Every member of our school community is to be valued.
  • Every student can learn when instruction is relevant, developmentally appropriate, and addresses multiple learning styles.
  • The student is the focal point of every decision.
  • All students are responsible for their own learning and behavior.
  • Our faculty and staff are dedicated to a safe, orderly, and caring learning environment for all students.
  • Parental support and involvement are crucial to student success.

The Bell County Alternative School (BCAS) exists to be able to help students prepare for the future and assist them in an orderly transition back to a traditional school setting or their next level of endeavor.