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Principal's Message

My name is Terry Day and it is my honor to be the principal of the Bell County Alternative School (BCAS). We are a co-op campus that serves the students of five school districts: Academy ISD; Holland ISD; Rogers ISD; Salado ISD; and Troy ISD. We offer two programs at our campus. First is our Alternative Education Placement (AEP) program. It is an academic “choice” program. Please refer to our “AEP Choice” link for more information on this program. Second is our Disciplinary Alternative Educational Placement (DAEP) program. Please see our “DAEP” link for more information on this program.
Our standards are high at BCAS and for that we make no apologies. If you are looking for an alternative school that will provide the best possible education for your child, look no further. We are a competency-based and proactive learning institution that is always looking to improve our student services. The teachers and staff at BCAS are second to none.
As principal, it is my ‘mission’ (personal mission statement) to create a perpetual learning environment that fosters a desire to grow and encourage others to grow.
It is my educational ‘philosophy’ that if one is truly ‘student centered’, then all of your students and staff will become better today than they were yesterday. In order for this philosophy to be made manifest, I have placed specific expectations on myself and my staff. In order to be ‘student centered’ one must first become a ‘servant’ to the needs of all students. We must not only educate our students, but we must also nurture and empower them. In order to ensure that no child slips through the cracks, I believe that one must ‘find God’s perfection’ in each and every child. Secondly, one must be ‘team’ minded. As a team player you not only empower your cohorts, but you also empower yourself. Finally, one must establish a learning environment that maintains a high level of professionalism. This learning environment must maintain a positive energy at all times. It falls to each of us to keep this environment corrosion free. At BCAS we pride ourselves in being a ‘student centered’ campus.
Please enjoy our web sight and feel free to visit our campus any time.
Thank you for your time,
Terry Day
Bell County Alternative School